John Frieda Hot Air Brush – Hair Styler Review

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John Frieda Hot Air Brush Completion and Shine

This premium hot air brush highlights propelled ionic power, 500 watts, 2 warm settings in addition to cool setting and upgraded airflow to enable you to accomplish idealize style.
The 1½-inch barrel is ideal for adding lovely volume and sparkle to styles. The substantial titanium artistic barrel gives completion and body as you style, while the delicate swarms make extreme sparkle and smoothness.

John Frieda Hot Air Brush - Hair Styler Review

Utilize and Tips 
In the event that you have long or thick hair, you may think that its snappier and less demanding to utilize the John Frieda Full Volume Dryer initially to evacuate abundance dampness. For included volume, flip around your head as you dry. Once the hair is 80 for each penny dry you should begin to make your style utilizing the John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush.
For most extreme volume and body, begin by segmenting off the hair. To turn the Hot Air Brush on, slide the on/off change to the right warmth setting for your hair. Position the brush in the hair, near the roots, and brush through the area to evacuate any tangles. For included root lift, hold the brush set up at the roots for a couple of moments. Rehash as fundamental.
To give fine hair an additional lift: Start with John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner. Towel dry and apply to moist hair either Luxurious Volume Blow-Dry Lotion Root Booster for included volume at the roots or Luxurious Volume Thickening Mousse for all-finished volume. Style with John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush focusing on the roots for included lift in the root region. Complete with John Frieda Luxurious Volume Extra-Hold Hairspray for an increase in sparkle and dependable hold.
Ionic Technology 
Your John Frieda styling apparatus incorporates a high-voltage (propelled) ionic generator that produces up to 50 for every penny a bigger number of particles than particles made from common sources. The electronic ionizer creates negative particles, which kill positive particles in the air. This procedure levels and seals the hair fingernail skin, decreasing crimpedness and flyaways, dispensing with electricity produced via friction, and adding to sparkle and sensibility.
Clay Technology 
The clay covering on your John Frieda styling instrument is a combination of titanium and earthenware that equally appropriates warmth to delicately style and shield hair from harming hot spots. The titanium is a harder, more sturdy, warm safe metal ready to withstand higher warmth than aluminum or different metals.
Item portrayal 
This premium hot air brush highlights propelled ionic power, 500 watts, 2 warm settings in addition to cool setting and improved airflow to enable you to accomplish consummate style. The 11/2-inch barrel is ideal for adding stunning volume and sparkle to styles. The extensive titanium earthenware barrel gives completion and body as you style, while the delicate abounds make extreme sparkle and smoothness.

John Frieda Hot Air Brush – Hair Styler Review

I became weary of endeavoring to complete an expert victory on myself utilizing my hair dryer with a standard round shrubbery. My hair dependably turned out crimped, consumed, and simply dead. In the wake of looking for a hot air brush I happened upon the John Frieda mark and was astonished by the audits, so I chose to try it out. At the point when the item at last arrived I was so glad! I attempted it immediately. I prescribe giving your hair a chance to air dry above all else. In case you’re similar to me and it takes your underlying foundations always to dry at that point simply ahead and utilize your general hair dryer with the level spout thingy to dry your scalp first and simply let it air dry. I was amazingly content with the fact that it is so natural to utilize.
A little tip to all you women experiencing difficulty accomplishing volume, waves, and so forth everything relies upon how your hair is trimmed and bear in mind to separate your hair in areas! I had long hair and was experiencing difficulty getting volume.I requested that my hair dresser give me a trim with bunches of layers and volume and once I blow dry it I am constantly satisfied with the outcomes. On occasion I even do the Kate Middleton victory! I even connected a photo of my consistently hair utilizing the hot brush.
I even took it with me to Mexico this May just to pitch it to my close relative since she was similarly as astounded as I might have been.
At last!! A dryer brush that fills in on a par with, or better, than my old one! I just got this today and couldn’t endure to attempt it. The audits showed that it was justified regardless of the buy, and it IS.
4 years back my trusty old conair dryer brush came apart. I’ve experienced 3 dryer brushes from that point forward, none of which worked worth a darn, and didn’t hold out much any expectation of discovering one at all that would work with my thick longish hair.
Well…my hair looks fabulous…BETTER than when I complete it at the salon. Appears to be nobody at the salon ever tunes in to me and does my hair *exactly* the way I like it. Try not to need to stress over that any longer. I can backpedal to doing it without anyone else’s help, and it looks only the way I need it. My hair is somewhat wavy and when left to air dry, it gets frizzy…and in the event that they don’t dry it COMPLETELY at the salon…it gets crimped. No stresses with this – I dry it until the point when it sneaks past the abounds like silk and I know it’s ideal. The swarms on this brush are extremely incredible with my hair. The greater part of the ones I’ve attempted in the previous couple of years have “hair compose swarms” that won’t go completely through my hair and are a genuine agony. The abounds on this are a blend of hair and hard plastic bristles…exactly what is required for thick hair…they work awesome.
I saw where a few people whined about the controls…I didn’t observe that to be an issue for me by any stretch of the imagination. They are comfortable impeccable place where I can without much of a stretch slide it from low to high or to cool. I generally just utilize high in any case, yet I didn’t think it was an issue.
I will post a video audit when I get time.
LOVE this item!
*ADDED COMMENT* January 15, 2015: I am as yet utilizing this dryer brush and still love it! I am acquiring one for my Mom, actually. I would love to include several preceding/after pics, yet can’t make sense of how. This is the main drying device I utilize, and 98% of the time, with the exception of warmth protectant, I don’t utilize mousse or some other item to influence my hair to carry on, and it’s constantly great.

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