Point of Good and Bad Childhoods
Let’s imagine two kinds of child that Famous. Broadly is the good when you’re upset someone is on hand to soothe you when you’re furious. Someone handles you calmly when you need attention. Someone is there for you. When you can’t understand someone explains. When you see someone resists shaming you when you fail you’re… (0 comment)

How To Turn Your Problems into Solutions
turning problems into solutions if people because fixing people problems would be easy. Check the engine find the cause of the trouble. Replace the faulty part and move on. But people are not machines focusing on problems and their causes is a great way of getting cars back on the road. But it’s not much… (0 comment)

By Steven Johnson: Where good ideas come from
For the past five years I’ve been investigating this question of Where Good Ideas Come From. It’s a kind of problem I think all of us are intrinsically interested in. We want to be more creative. We want to come up with better ideas. We want our organizations to be more innovative. I’ve looked at… (0 comment)